Who is Angry Fred?

Who is Angry Fred?  Well more so let's start with how Angry Fred Comics was born, more

about Fred soon.


Angry Fred Comics is the creation of filmmaker Lucas Scheffel.  After becoming frustrated

and unsure as to whether his scripts and ideas would ever see the light of day, Lucas

decided to venture into the world of comics.  What better way to feed his creativity and

find a home for the stories that were sitting on hard drives and collecting mere thoughts

in his head.  Lucas has always been a long life comic book fan since he was a kid, you can

catch him reading comics in his spare time and on the weekends and deep down he’s

always wanted to create comics.


Enter Angry Fred Comics an ambitious brand focussing on mini-comics with an aim to

create larger printed comic books for the public.  Together with the exaggerated writing

mind of Lucas Scheffel and the superb talents of independent artists/illustrators, Angry Fred Comics is bound to astound, excite and maybe make you a little angry! (A good angry though!).

So buckle up, follow our progress and share our stories!


Oh, and who is Angry Fred you ask?  Angry Fred is Lucas’ Father Fred.  Although not as angry as the Angry Fred comic character Lucas’ Dad has been an inspiration and support for a lot of Lucas’ creative works.  The Angry Fred you see as the brand and in the upcoming comic series is based around a character Fred played in Lucas’ zombie feature epic called ‘The Counterpart’.


Welcome to Angry Fred Comics!